Physical Exercise

It is evident that the practice of exercise, by itself, don´t make people thin, but it is, without a doubt, the ideal and indispensable complement of a balanced alimentary diet, besides it is essential for those who worry about health. More


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Loosing Weight / Fat

Now we are going to alert you for the arduous task that is to lose weight/fat. Although being necessary many efforts, everything can be reached. In the phase of loosing fat, the supplements have a very important paper. But as everything, the main factor continues to be the feeding. But it is not to stay hunger, it's simply to eat with quality. Stop eating leads to bad nutrition and to the loss of muscles and other eventual problems. More…

Building Muscle

Building muscles, especially free of fat in order to reach that compact and define aspect is not easy for anyone. Besides how our good genetic can be, it will be always necessary.. to have discipline, patience, motivation, and above of everything an excellent alimentary regimen. This is certainly a subject that interests everybody. Many people say they want to lose weight, others say they want to lose fat, others to keep good fitness, etc... but they really want is to to increase the muscular mass. More…


The human being is a machine, as any other one, needs energy to develop the most diverse activities - to work, to practise sport, to walk, to speak, to sleep, etc. It's mainly through the feeding that we get the energy we need. But, before starting a diet to lose some weight, it's important to know certain organic mechanisms. Tthe metabolic processes have a special interest, when we talk about diets. More…


The responsible substances for the supply of calories to the organism, our " fuel", are divided in: proteins; fat; and carbohydrates. However, and because human being don´t live only with calories, other alimentary components exist that, acting in a constant interaction, they coat with utmost importance for our metabolism and fabric cerebral. We can count, between them, the vitamins and salt minerals, but also other relief substances, as fibres or the cellulose and the water. More…

Fitness and BodyBuilding

The Bodybuilding and the Fitness are sports for the cult of the body. Who practises them knows that and don´t do for exhibition, but for a proper pride and an enormous pleasure to feel that something better can be obtained, and that cost very much. Don´t ever think that to practise Bodybuilding or Fitness is necessary many physical strenght. Physical strenght is gained easially. What is much necessary is a great mental force. These are sports that demand devotion and much patience. This is the reason why in each 100 people who try a gymnasium, only 5% stays there for years. Few people have psychological strenght to continue. More…


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